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A New Approach to RSI


(Computer induced "Repetitive Strain Injury"/
"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"/"Burn-out Syndrome")


Good news from Holland. Ancient method helps with RSI/CFS/BURN-OUT.
Patients are enthusiastic about "Chinese jade stone therapy".

Believe it or not. Drs MeiMei Yu, a Chinese Dutch succeeded in considerably improving what couldn't be cured thus far. She simply puts herbal oil on a patient's skin and starts scraping it vigorously with a special jade stone. Very soon the area starts to become red. "Everything has to get out" she explains. The more red the area becomes, the more promising the result.

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And indeed, after she professionally goes from one area to the other, the patient's face becomes visibly relieved. On my question what he feels, he responds with spontaneously moving his right arm. "No pain anymore" he says, and "I can move my arm again". Patients usually need one to six treatments, after which 70-80% of them is (strongly) improved. Sometimes additional recommendations are given, like diet, supplements or detoxification.

MeiMei is very proud to be able to introduce this unique Chinese therapy to Europe. It is called "Guasha" which means "scraping the disease out". Originating from prehistoric times and still practiced by some indigenous peoples, Guasha found its way into the mainstream of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

She explains: As you have seen a special oil is put on a particular area of the skin whereafter the therapist starts "scraping" the area with a "scraper" (a specially designed jade instrument). Very soon the skin becomes red. The amazing thing is, that on places where disorders are hidden, (deep) red spots appear IN the skin (not ON the skin) comparable to a tissue hemorrhage, which Chinese consider a harmful stagnation. Because the scraping is on the oily skin the patient will hardly feel pain - neither during nor after the treatment - the skin will not be damaged, and the red spots will fully disappear within 3 to 7 days.

The spectacular results of Guasha are achieved because of its simultaneous effects on the skin, the subcutis, the connective tissue, the lymph system, the meridians, the periost, the muscles, the blood vessels, the nerves, the brain and the immune system and through them on the various functions, systems and organs of the entire body. Guasha therefore includes and thus "replaces" massage, reflexology, acupuncture, moxa, lymph drainage, relaxation, all in ONE simple treatment!

A guasha treatment

The explanation for its success is its combined effect. As serum and blood cells from the capillaries enter the tissues they initiate an immune response. The detoxification mechanism becomes stimulated, as is the blood circulation together with the "energy flow" of the (Chinese) meridians. Local acidosis - often the main cause of pain - is dissolved. The bio-electricity of the area is normalized, thus restoring metabolic/hormonal/nervous feedback mechanisms, after the complaints disapear.

Guasha jade

Modern medicine increasingly discovers the value of wild plants of the rain forests (ethno-botany) for treating modern diseases. Guasha is an example of the ancient wisdom hidden in the traditions of mankind. It can cure where our modern methods fail. Because this treatment is so easy to apply, many more people could benefit from it. It is especially valuable in case of diseases which are so on the rise like RSI, CFS and BURN-OUT. In Holland many hundred thousand people are already unemployed through it. The socio-economic implications are enormous (...).

MeiMei is offering her Guasha therapy in various ways:

  1. As individual treatment on appointment,
  2. As (free) demonstration in companies, in organisations and patient (RSI/CFS/BURNOUT) associations,
  3. Inviting journalists to watch this (spectacular) event with their own eyes,
  4. As a course for (para)medics. There is the possibility of a day course, a basic course and an extended course.

She is looking forward to welcoming you.

Yours sincerely,

Han Marie Stiekema, M.D.

Drs MeiMei Yu
Deurloostraat 128, 1078 JK Amsterdam, NL
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